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How Your Brand Can Use An ERP System For Sales and Marketing

Hamed Amiri

ERP systems continue to evolve all the time and it has become more and more important to have an ERP selling strategy in place.

Sales and marketing are massively important for many brands today and when you combine this with the power of an ERP system, the possibilities are endless.


Here are 3 reasons why your brand should have an ERP selling strategy implemented

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Have an ERP Selling Strategy

Detailed Insights

ERPs are full of detailed insight that you should know about before marketing your product. An ERP system can help you identify key areas you might have overlooked and can help multiple departments across your business. When it comes to cloud-based ERP systems,  you have data coming in from numerous departments into one central software system. Data from departments such as accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and human resources (HR) feed into one central location.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Armed with valuable ERP data, you’ll blow away your customers with the amount of information you know about their business needs. This detail can be used when interacting with customers over the phone, during in-person meetings, regular emails, and other forms of communication you might have. All these examples listed will show your customers that you take their experience with your brand very seriously and that your company is willing to go above and beyond to make them feel special. 

Comprehensive Reports

Having all this rich data is great, but good is it to your business if you can’t understand it? Comprehensive reporting encourages your business to think in an integrated way and fosters more collaboration amongst colleagues.

Cloud-based ERP software systems provide:

  • Real time sales reporting during wholesale selling season
  • Simultaneous live inventory reporting on all online selling platforms
  • Comprehensive order fulfillment and performance reports
  • Sales rep / trade show performance reporting

This real-time data lets you know what is working and how you can improve. 

With our Blastramp software you get:

  • Customer Sales & Order history: Analyze order trends, product preferences and buying behaviour.
  • Easily export data: Download data into accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero.
  • Performance Management: From sales to order fulfillment, closely monitor and execute timely business decisions.


An ERP system can give you insight into how well individual products are selling, which can help your sales team determine pricing and any sales campaigns. ERP gives your sales team flexibility and gives them the data to negotiate on a case-by-case basis. Sales team members and your marketing department may use this data to also push other products over others. You might have a product that isn’t selling well and you really want to get rid of. The sales and marketing departments can use data from an ERP system to determine what kind of savings they can offer, while keeping the best interests of your business in mind. Also, you might have products that are selling more than others and therefore, prices may increase. 

Our Cloud-Based ERP System

At Blastramp, we make it easier than ever for ecommerce merchants to manage all their orders and returns — from partial fulfillment to multiple warehouses order management. Blastramp manages every aspect of your operations- from initial order through delivery and beyond.

With our comprehensive platform and easy-to-use interface, we aim to solve the recurring inventory and sales order problems of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers:

  • Inventory Forecasting: With integrated inventory forecasting and analysis tools, Blastramp allows you to make better buying decisions and manage your supply chain with ease.
  • Accessible Customer Tracking: Instantly manage credit holds, export information, and categorize customers based on distribution channels. Our detailed customer profiles provide you with complete order histories, account summaries, and much more.


What this article has shown is how valuable an ERP system can be for any department, but especially for sales and marketing. This valuable data will help you create a unique experience for current customers and lets you stay competitive to attract new customers.

Learn More About Blastramp

If you’re interested in learning more about our cloud-based inventory and order management software, you can take advantage of our Blast Academy, a set of training modules and step-by-step tutorials that guide you to get the most out of our cloud-based inventory management software. Whether you’re looking for an answer to a specific question or want to build your Blastramp skills, our Blast Academy is the perfect one-stop-shop for your training needs. With Blast Academy by your side, you’ll be an expert in no time!

If you have any other questions that need to be answered, feel free to email us at

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