Manage Orders, Shipping and Inventory From a Single Dashboard

Keep track of all your operations in one single dashboard and see real-time analytics to help you manage your inventory levels and make essential business decisions.

Built-in Integrations

Real Time Analytics

Hassle-Free Returns Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Multi-Channel Sales Management

Inventory Forecasting

Customized Onboarding

visual features

Features to help you grow.

We make it easier than ever before for online merchants to manage all their orders and returns — from partial fulfillment to multiple warehouses order management.

Avoid costly mistakes

Synchronized inventory tracking across all sales channels ensures you don't oversell or disappoint your customers.

Complete Visibility

Using Blastramp, you can access all your reports from one single dashboard giving you complete control over your operations.

Inventory Forecasting

With integrated inventory forecasting and analysis tools, Blastramp allows you to make better buying decisions and manage your supply chain with ease.

Real-Time Analytics

Blastramp provides you with a complete set of data-driven analytics to help you make important decisions for your business.

Boost Your Order Management With Blastramp

Returns Management

Hassle-Free Returns Management

Blastramp is the optimal solution when it comes to managing returns.

With so many available integrations, Blastramp can seamlessly incorporate into your returns workflow to give you full control and increase your customer's satisfaction and trust.

Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

With Blastramp, you can customize your product availability across your sales channels in a single dashboard.

Keep track of your supply chain from purchase order to sales order with our cloud-based platform

Order Management

Multi-Channel Sales Management

Manage pre-bookings and immediate orders concurrently across multiple sales channels.

From order placement to fulfilment, Blastramp offers a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently manage pick, pack and shipping processes.

Operations Management

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Take your business intelligence to a new level with real-time reporting and analytics.

Blastramp's seamless integration into Shopify & Shopify+, gives you access to real-time data to make calculated business decisions on the go!

Seamless Integrations For Better Results

Here are the features that are supported between Blastramp and Shopify:


Multi-location Inventory







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